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Johanna Eckhardt The Old King Serie

The Old King

A grandfather, a storyteller, an old king. A monarch ruling a tiny kingdom - his garden.

Johana Eckhardt The Watschmaker's Home Serie

The Watchmaker`s Home

The watchmaker at home with his possessions as an  extension of himself and as time passes everything remains unaffected.

Johanna Eckhardt Nostalgic Mornings Serie


A morning at the beach. Even though the day just started nostalgia is already present and summer comes to an end.


"Wenn ich die Kamera bei mir habe,

funktionieren meine Augen besser, mein Blick ist wacher, meine Reaktion schneller und ich nehme die Umwelt um mich herum intensiver wahr."

Johanna Eckhardt is an Austrian Photographer, who is especially interested in analogue photography. She studied Psychology and Art History  in Austria and the Netherlands and currently studies photography at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin.  In her work she tries to show pieces of our fragile world focusing primarily on her closest surroundings. 

Johanna Eckhardt Sebstporträt Photo




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